Saturday, February 19, 2011

3rd year anniversary

i celebrated my 3rd year anniversary of my relationship with my boyfie, Rheka
there's something unique actually
i mentioned before that we rarely celebrate our anniversary together
because we just can't do it together
both of our schedule is not that matched
but, on that day, February 5, 2011
we can make it together
total yayness
we went to several places that we thought is the place where these all begins

note:this is not an outfit post so i'm not gonna show you my outfit that night

 our menu for the night
 he took it while i was biting a slice of pizza
some of the things i got.
pink roses cause i like pink and a card
i'm not gonna tell you what's inside the card
its a secret:)

H+2, i have no idea where to put my roses closest to me
so i took out my bunches of pens and put it there
see the pink dice?




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