Monday, January 31, 2011

in love with

currently in love with these items from ModCloth
 Rev Up The roses Jacket
 Urban Expedition wedge
 Shoostring Licorice Flat In Cherry
 Crystalised Ring
Pounce and flounce Top
I Got Sole Here

cute huh??
me want them!!


Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one
-John Keats-

Friday, January 28, 2011

blogger yard sale 4+

today i finally had the chance to visit and see how's blogger yard sale
at last, i can meet those awesome blogger
these are the pictures i took
but i forgot to capture the crowd
my bad,i'm too excited to see a lot of goods and this awesomeness:p

Pictures above were taken when i just arrived,i was starving
i didn't eat anything since yesterday. so i directly went to any restaurant in FX,and chose random food
thank god the taste wasn't that bad

 me and sisters--> kieya, faa

have fun with the foolness and craziness from me:)

x.s.m.l black and white flower dress, unbranded black tight, vintage white vest, a ribbon polka stethoscope wing ring, random bangles, LM for hardware bowler hat, casio gold watch, Miss Selfridge wedges, velvet satchel bag

 i  also got a chance to take pictures with some superb bloggers

what i got::
1. sheer top from sabila anata
2. skirt from june paski
3 and 4 from ario achda

follow me here

Sunday, January 23, 2011

night sky in the combination with city light is good as good as rainbow

still shitting about my short holiday in jeddah, saudi arabia

we went to the beach at night
obhoor(read:aub-huur) beach, thats what they called
around 8-12 i think
it was quite fun
we just hang out played cards, chat, ate foods we brought from home, did funny things,etc
 as usual, nawal, esthetique, nadia, ulva, and soffu are coming with me
but this time, i brought my brother with me
here are the pics

 brother, opick

forever 21 stripe dress, wedges from korea, casio gold watch, rayban eyeglasses, and random accessories

Saturday, January 15, 2011

fun time with friends

Due to living in jeddah, Saudi Arabia,we have to wear black abaya wherever we go
(not include in the house)
thats the city rule, for woman of course
but, it has different style,from classic till modern
i used, classic long and slim abaya
cause i have a small and tiny body
if i choose batwings,i will sink inside those abaya. lool
you will noticed our abaya's style later

my friends:
nada(left), nawal(right)

estthetique(left), soffu,ulva's sister(center), ulva(right)

we all lined up

still like this picture,dont know why

all of us except esthetique.she took this picture

in NEWYORKER store 


i got many things in very-very cheap price and original for sure
Can't imagine how many kg i should bring back home to jakarta
must be overload
thank god i have dad.he could make it till 50 kg
he only need to speak with his friend from airline and wuss,
its all in the airline
-----evil smile----

didn't you realized, we used the same lipstick color
red fuschia from mikyaj
(if you lived in middle east, you surely know this brand:))
actually it's nawal's,but we agreed to used it together
 it was fun
we ride roller coaster, arung jeram,etc

 after we done, we bought burger king as our dinner

what i wear
black abaya, a ribbon polka stethoscope wing ring, bag from itc mangga dua, monol white watch, wedges from korea

btw, esthetique is my ex sister in law:)
i used to have a relationship with her brother
if she is that beautiful, cant imagine how he is now
he is living in KL now
so i never heard about him anymore
i didn't ask anything to his sister too
what's the use
i have somebody else now
i'm happy with the one i chose
let our past become a past and continue our life

but i f i have the chance to speak with him,
i would say
"take care of your life, be serious of what you are doing,on everything. Especially your future and your relationship. Not every woman only want to have fun and never think of their future with her partners. Make your partner happy. I will definitely be happy if you both are happy. Thanks for everything you gave and taught me. It was a great time. God bless you"



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