Thursday, June 17, 2010

One More

im joining nitya from strawberry giggles giveaway
for the celebration of her 2nd year anniv with her bf
and i left her lots of advice that could help her relationship
i'm not an expert of relationship
i just shared my experience during the time i spent with hubby
don't you want a forever 21 necklace as the prize?
if u want,go to her blog definetly
see the details on how to participate the giveaway
just click this

ooh,i like this necklace soo much
give it to me,nitya


nitya said...

Thank you, dearest Uchie!

Join My 1st Giveaway Forever 21 Eiffel Necklace

joninel said...

nice giveway :)

Devina said...

Uuuuhhh.... SO SO SO LUCKY!!!! The necklace is so LOVELY!!!!

Stevia said...

i hope you win the giveaway!

check out my latest post, dear



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