Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's have fun

saturday night, i went out with friends.
i had so much fun
and i'm in the mood to be little bit girlie
oyaa,i forgot to tell
last saturday,on june 5, 2010 is my 2years&4month Anniversary for me and hubby
this is the message i got from him

Bebek pacarku sayang,hari ini mlm ini saat ini kita udh 2thn4bln
n hampir 3taun loh loh loh kenalnya hehehe
g trasa bgt kan wkt yg udh kita jalanin, kita laluin smuanya
semoga ke depannya,kita lebih kuat lagi dlm menghadapi cobaan kyk apapun
aku jd makin syg sm km
ak jg pgn secepatnya bs brg km
bawa km keluar dr segala permasalahn yg terjadi
supaya kt bisa hidup tenang diluar sana
tanpa ada satu org pun yg ganggu&nyakitin km
rheka sayang sama unyil bebek

i have something to share
you know,from the beginning of our relationship
we can't never celebrate our anniv together
i can count it with hands
not more than 10times i think
and the funniest thing is,
we always seperated,or we've just met
before or after the anniv date
can you imagine that
living like that for almost 3 years

so, for my hubby
happy 2years&4month anniv
hope our love will be stronger and stronger
hope we can still be together
till we got 3 children&10 grandchildren
like our previous agreement
i hope the love you gave me will never end
and all the affection,love,sweet,caring,will always be mine
only me

love u,darl

see ya guys:)


DianAurora said...

what a beautiful message from ur bf! happy anniversary yaa!

visit-comment me back :

dsy said...

what a sweet message from him!
happy anni.. soo cute in pink, both you and your room!

chie suci utami apsari said...

dianaurora:thx ya..ok i will check ur blog.immediately:D

dsy:ya.i love his message to.
follow aku ya:D

vdcouture said...

awww ur super sweet! and i love your outfit this time! it's super feminine
visit my blog. do follow me if you dont mind :p thankies



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